april 24th. here we are again. 

i WILL conquer you.

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i was going to take a shower just now, i stripped off my clothes, turned on the hot water, turned to the mirror to take a look at myself

and saw a giant spider as big as my freaking thumb in the reflection, crawling down from the ceiling next to my head.

needless to say, i won’t be showering tonight.

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ways to make a girl happy:

  1. appreciate her.

Five years ago corporate said we had to start a recycling program for Earth Day, so Dwight took the lead on that and introduced us to a very close friend of his named Recyclops. The next year, he really stepped things up. A year after that, Recyclops really began to take shape. Then, tragedy struck Recyclops when his fictional planet was attacked by some other ficticious thing I can’t remember. I think this was also the year that he renounced Earth Day and vowed to destroy the planet he once loved. God bless you, Recyclops, and your cold robot heart.

i think i’m quitting confessions. 110 days in was pretty good.

anyways, on a separate note-

my best friend is currently telling me how she isn’t calling the guy that she wants to be with because she wants him to take the bait and call her. 

i don’t understand games in relationships. like, i’ll play them if i have to, at least in the beginning. but once a relationship is established and happy and comfortable, why CAN’T i express how i’m feeling? why can’t i show how much i like you? why must we keep things so close to the belt, in fear of not sharing too much too fast? because the chase makes it interesting? i mean, i guess..

i’m just really not into that. i’d rather be straight-forward, at least what is appropriate for the given relationship. it’s more important to me that i have found someone where games aren’t necessary to keep things good. the chase shouldn’t be the fun of it, because once you have it you don’t care anymore.

life is weird. boys are weird.